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Dr. Swaim is a licensed dealer for Aetrex shoes and sandals. The decision to dispense Aetrex shoes was not made in haste—research was undertaken and only shoes with top quality and durability ratings were considered. Additionally, the availability of contemporary styles in both the shoe and sandal lines was carefully considered to insure a broad selection of appropriate choices for the consumer. Aetrex shoes recently announced there new line of clogs—just say “Berries” which include the Mosaic insoles. There customizable insoles contain punch out areas under the met heads allowing specific tailoring and off-weighting for each individual’s foot. Several colors are available in sizes 5 to 13 and widths from B/C to D/E. The “Berries” Line also includes Mary Janes and slip-ons so let your eyes Taste The Berries!

We are most excited about the SANDALISTAS—finally, a sandal with a full thickness customizable foot bed in attractive styles and colorations. These sandals offer both comfort and fashion in a biomechanically sound design—construction is leather and the arch area of all these sandals rises just enough to both support and accommodate your mid-foot area without pressing uncomfortably on the sole of your foot. Again, multiple styles and designs with varied strap placements allow the discriminating sandal buyer to choose just the right fit! Aetrex Shoes recently announced their new line of running shoes, most notable in this line is the Aetrex Q-last. As a Podiatrist, I was impressed with the Cobra Support Pad which prevents over pronation along with the adjustable heel lock-down which allows those narrow heeled runners to prevent slippage and pistoning. With breathable AIRLEX mesh uppers your dogs will stay cool no matter how far you run them!

Resolution of foot pain and maintaining activity levels as desired remain the bedrock on which my shoe gear recommendations rely. Aetrex shoes and sandals represent the culmination of years of biomechanical and manufacturing research all leading to these durable and supportive shoe gear choices. When you expect the most in performance from your shoes, Aetrex leads the way and does so with style. Dr. Swaim is both a Podiatrist and a shoe specialist and is proud to be vending the Aetrex shoe and sandal line. E-mail us with any questions you might have. All orders shipped within 48 hours depending on stock, returns OK so long as shoes are not worn outdoors. All shoes and sandals are priced at $99 per pair plus shipping and handling. May your treads always wear slowly.