About Us

In my busy practice as a Podiatrist, I’m constantly confronted with various skin diseases and conditions. This calls for treatments including assorted creams, lotions, and prescription medications, along with hygiene recommendations in order to treat these conditions. Having tried many lotions and potions with variable degrees of success, I engaged my wife in the search for better skin care products. We had criteria—all products should address the patients’ specific needs, they should be free of artificial preservatives, and harsh chemicals, and they should be made in the USA.

After much research, Dr. Swaim’s (formerly AeroFeet Natural) was born. We can now more effectively treat our patients using products containing only the purest ingredients. We include Hemp butter, Aloe, Shea butter, Grape Seed, Seaweed, Vitamin E and essential oils to ensure the best results while keeping our products paraben free. From dry cracked heels, to toenail fungus and athlete’s foot, we are able to achieve superior treatment results with these ingredients. To these ends, all Dr. Swaim’s products are developed, tested, and manufactured in house—NO OUTSOURCING! All packaging and labels are MADE IN THE USA.

We constantly reassess existing formulae and research new ingredient combinations in our efforts to keep all Dr. Swaim’s products on the leading edge of skin care technology. Our goal from day one has been to identify specific needs in the field and to meet those needs by creating unique products that satisfy and exceed the highest standards through strenuous quality controls and testing. We will not rest on laurels—forward is the way with excellence our creed. This is our promise to you.