2 oz. MuscleBang


  • Dr. Swaim's Muscle Bang represents a new approach to enhance rehabilitative medicine outcomes. Muscle Bang directly feeds the necessary metabolic building blocks to targeted tissues by topical application to the skin. Ingredients were chosen to maximize cellular repair through optimizing mitochondria metabolism as follows:

    1. Increases oxygen tension at the cellular level
    2. Delivers anti inflammatories and anti-oxidants directly to the muscle cells
    3. Reduces histamine release and cell damage
    4. Reduces muscle recovery time
    5. Minimizes muscle soreness both acute and delayed onset types
    6. Maintains muscle fiber hypertrophy during rest periods

    Apply to targeted muscle groups before and after exercise and therapy sessions then twice daily to enhance and maintain your muscle mass and training gains in and out of the gym.

    Anti-inflammatories: Olive Leaf Extract, Emu oil, Hemp seed oil, Corydalis, MSM

    Vasodilators: Forskolin, Gotu Cola, L-Arginine, L-Citrulline

    Muscle Fiber Essentials: BCAA’s and Creatine