“As a podiatrist, I’m constantly with patients’ concerns over their fungal toenails. I’ve written prescriptions for pills and dispensed various lotions that claimed to cure the fungus only to have the patients return later with recurrent fungal toenails. They often didn’t want to go back on the pills as they are expensive and pose a risk to the patient’s liver. It just wasn’t worth it. Then I happened upon Dr. Swaim's Natural anti-fungal nail balm kit. I began recommending and dispensing this product to my patients with recurrent fungal toenail infections and the results were dramatic. With regular thinning of the fungal toenails and daily application of the anti-fungal balm, I could measure the new nail growth monthly and the patients were so happy to rid themselves of the fungus. Easy application with the balm sticks made patient compliance a cinch! I’d recommend Dr. Swaim's Natural anti-fungal nail balm to anyone with chronic fungal toenails, they will see the difference and they will thank you for it. Dr. Swaim's Pain Relief Max is amazing and is the best natural topical pain treatment that I've ever recommended! My patients with arthritis, neuropathy, and tendonitis are singing its praises and under my care, they are using it for post operative pain as well, allowing them to use less oral pain medications.. There is always a jar of Dr. Swaim's Pain Relief on my dresser at home. Its really works!”-Dr. Bagley, Redding, CA.

"My Mom Dorothy Bridges is a patient of yours and raves about the pain relief medication and since I live in Elk Grove, CA. she told me you had a website and to get some as soon as possible since I have had 4 failed back surgeries, fibromyalgia, etc. so on her high recomendation I did just that. When I saw the moisture cream I thought if the pain relief cream works really well then give this a try as well for my husband's hands, elbows and feet are constantly broke out, dry and cracked. I was going to order the anti-fungal for his toes but not in the budget as of this moment so will give these a shot and if they work as good as my Mom claims you will have a customer forever as my Mom says she is after using the cream for her pain. I want to thank you also for taking such good care of my Mom as well her feet and toes have given her trouble for so many years I can't even count so I count my blessings that some how she was directed to you and you are making her feel better in many ways after years of agony. Just know I do so appreciate anyone that can ease any discomfort for my Mom for she has been in so much of it even when I was a child at home so obviously there is angels on this earth to help others then I am grateful for you being the one watching and helping out my Mom."
- Terri C.
“My heels had been splitting for years.. I’d seen dermatologists as well as other physicians for this painful condition. They prescribed special creams that I applied religiously—none of them gave me any relief. After years of frustration, I asked my Podiatrist for help. He recommended Dr. Swaim's Natural Mega Moisture Cream along with regular foot soaks using Dr.. Swaim's Natural Dead Sea Salt Soak infused with essential oils. The results were amazing! My cracks healed up in a few weeks and all my pain went away. After using all those over the counter and prescription creams and lotions, I was finally pain free and remain so to this day. The Dr. Swaim's skin care system changed my life!”
-Peggy W.

“My athlete’s foot had been with me since high school. Always with the cracking and burning around my toes—it smelled bad too, but not anymore! I found Dr. Swaim's Medicated cream and that all changed. I applied this to the fungal areas on my feet and the itching stopped immediately. My skin healed up and I could finally walk around without the burning, itching, and pain. I also used Dr. Swaim's Natural Medicated powder in my shoes daily and guess what—no more smelly shoes! After all those lotions, potions, powders, and creams, I have finally found a treatment for athlete’s foot that works. If you are tired of the burning and itching of foot fungus, go with Dr. Swaim's, you’ll be glad you did!”
-John B.

“I’d struggled with my toenail fungus for 15 years, tried everything I could find to kill it. Pills, lotions, drops, you name it—nothing worked. Then I came across Dr. Swaim's Natural’s anti-fungal nail balm kit and all that changed. After my podiatrist thinned my nails down, I began applying the anti-fungal nail balm once daily and washed my feet with the included anti-fungal soap twice weekly. My toenails started looking better right away. After 4 months the yellow discoloration and thickening were gone and my toenails looked normal again. Wow! They hadn’t looked that good in years. After all this time, I could now wear sandals without embarrassment. Thank you Dr. Swaim's !”
-James S